Blackford Craft Distillery

As a family run, micro distillery, our focus is on creating spirits with provenance, history and authenticity, drawing on Scotland’s distilling heritage and the prehistoric legacy of the Picts of Bennachie. Inspired by the landscape and ancestral heritage of Aberdeenshire, our flavour profile is derived from the heather mead brewed by the Picts. Using locally sourced and organic ingredients, and the freshest Aberdeenshire spring water from our aquifer, Vesperis Pictish Gin and Vodka are distilled and bottled on site in small batches on Genevieve our still.

Gold medal winning Vesperis, ultra-premium vodka, was designed as a sipping vodka with the flavour and character of gin. It is an innovative spirit which bridges the gap between vodka and gin and uniquely takes a prehistoric botanical combination of heather honey and heather blossom to create a Pictish twist on a contemporary spirit.

A smooth, balanced, handcrafted gin, Vesperis Pictish Gin uses the distinctive flavour profile of the Pictish heather mead and adds juniper and lemon peel to create a gin which is reminiscent of a crisp heather morning.

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