Cairn o Mohr Ltd

Cairn o'Mohr winery started producing Berry wines made from locally cultivated and foraged fruits, leaves and flowers 30 years ago in the farm house kitchen.

Using authentic and genuine production methods, we are true to the fruit using neither concentrates, flavourings nor colourings. All our products are also Vegan friendly. Our winery is built on an old Pictish settlement and we utilise many of the old farm buildings from 140 years ago along with our very own eclectic ranch style shop, cafe, decking and play area.

Scottish soft fruit, in particular Strawberries and Raspberries, are world famous for their quality and they all come from Perthshire, right outside! The soil here is perfect for soft fruit growing and apparently we get the ‘right’ amount of rain, wonderful!

Many of our ingredients are also foraged, picked from the surrounding hills and estates with permission from the land owners, for which we always pay in kind, usually in December.
It’s all about working with people and the planet to make a great product that literally doesn’t cost the earth.

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