Hungry Squirrel

Hungry Squirrel produce natural nut butters flavoured with a variety of ingredients to create a healthy range that can be easily incorporated into a wide range of snacks and meals – eaten straight out of the jar, with porridge, with fruit or vegetables, as an ingredient in cooking or baking, the possibilities are endless.

Hungry Squirrel is committed to using only 100% natural ingredients, no palm oil or any other unnecessary oils, no refined sugars (keeping the addition of natural sugars to an absolute minimum) and no artificial colourings or flavourings. The ingredients we do use are carefully selected for their track record of health benefits

High in fibre and protein and with no refined sugars they appeal to a wide range of consumers such as vegans, diabetics, those following a sugar free diet or who are lactose intolerant and individuals following health and/or fitness regimes.

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