Shetland Distillery Company Ltd

The Shetland Distillery Company now produces 3 core gins.

Original- Our award-winning craft gin affectionately captures the nature of our island. Our signature recipe uses the sweets cented leaves of applemint grown and harvested on Unst giving a unique authentic flavour of Shetland.
Ocean Sent- Influenced from the seas that surround our island, Ocean Sent Gin features native bladderwrack. The distinctive and nutritious seaweed is gathered from the rocks of the Shetland coastline and distilled to our unique recipe resulting in a surprising depth of flavour from the shores of Unst.
Simmer - Inspired by our magical skies, Simmer Gin is a refreshing aromatic gin created in celebration of Shetland's summer twilight, know locally as the Simmer Dim. The long summer days and lasting amber skies at sunset influence the eight botanicals in our recipe including orange peel and liquorice root.
Rhubarb & Bramble Liqueur- Inspired by freshly grown local ingredients, our Rhubarb & Bramble liqueur is produced using our Original Gin, foraged brambles and home-grown Rhubarb.

The Shetland Distillery also releases a limited edition for Up Helly Aa along with a number of other limited editions and a bottled in Shetland blended malt whisky.

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