Spice Harmony

I really got into the chutney business by accident. I had become a big chutney-fan, after discovering chutneys not long after I moved from Germany to Scotland with my family in 2015. I was continually looking for home-made souvenirs for friends and family back in Germany, and one day I decided to cook some chutneys, to use as a gift. I started by cooking 3 different chutneys, all with an unusual combination of flavours. Everyone who tried them told me that they were fantastic. My best friend then suggested that I should try and sell my home-made chutneys, so I decided to form my own business, and that was how Spice Harmony was born!
Over the next few months, I cooked lots of different chutney recipes, and gave them to friends to taste and try, asking only that they gave me some honest objective feedback. The feedback was so good, that I felt really confident that Spice Harmony could be a successful business. So in November 2018, I attended my first market to sell my chutneys to the public. By the middle of December, I had sold all my stock – Spice Harmony was up and running!
I hope you will enjoy my chutneys, whether its is red pepper & whisky, mango & physalis, green olive & grape, red onion & strawberry, or one of the many others!

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