The Crafty Pickle Co.

Our mission is to reduce food waste by taking surplus produce and preserving it through fermentation. Thus crafting new, gut-friendly fermented foods with tongue tickling tastes that slap you in the face!

We craft raw, unpasteurised, vegan sauerkrauts, kimchi and piccalilli that go as great on carcinogenic, carnivorous sausages as they do on torture-free avocado on toast. Personally we love them straight out the jar. Who would have thought veg could be so exciting?

Currently 1.3 million tonnes of edible food is wasted each year. As nutritionists with long love-affairs with food we hate to see it go to waste. Fermentation allows us to preserve fresh produce, so we can enjoy it for longer.

We always strive to craft a proportion of our products using unloved produce and are on the look out to connect with those who can help us access surplus fruit and veg.

We hand-craft our products in the heart of Aberdeen, supplying them within Aberdeenshire, at retail and wholesale, to anyone with a passion for food and sustainability.

A percentage of our sales supports the local charity CFINE, who address food insecurity in Scotland.

The Crafty Pickle Co. - Ferments Fighting Food Waste!

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