The Teasmith Spirit Company LTD

The rich heritage of the North East of Scotland and its links to the tea trade is the inspiration behind the use of the tea botanical. A rich heritage that is largely unknown or forgotten.

Many don’t realise that it was a young man from the North East of Scotland who planted the very first tea plantation in Sri Lanka. Known as the ‘Father of Ceylon Tea’, James Taylor broke new ground and begun a process that transformed the island into one of the finest tea growing regions in the world.

A careful blend of finely curated botanicals and hand-picked tea is what gives 'The Teasmith' its characteristic taste. Juniper, coriander, grains of paradise, orange peel and other carefully selected botanicals are distilled twice in traditional copper alembic stills.

The Teasmith is a classic G&T gin; serve with copious ice, a sprig of fresh mint and premium tonic. The result is a perfect, crisp, refreshing Gin & Tonic. Just the cup of tea.

The Teasmith has a very strong brand and FortyTwo Studio (based in Aberdeen) who created the brand work were successful in winning the Craft category of The Drum Scottish Design Awards and won the prestigious Scottish Design Awards Grand Prix

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