Across the Cala Group, we are passionate about finding you your dream home, and delivering exceptional service along the way.
    14 April 2022
  2. Laings

    Established in 1862, Laings is a family business with a long history of delivering for its customers across Scotland and beyond. Over 150 years in business, we have built a reputation for creating the finest kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, providing exceptional service from Inspiration to Installation. From our creative designers to our experienced craftsmen and […]
    14 April 2022
  3. ANM Group

    Established in 1872, ANM Group is acknowledged today as one of the most progressive and forward-looking co-operative businesses in the UK serving the farming, commercial and industrial sectors. With its established roots in the agricultural sector, as a co-operative business, ANM represents and works for its 5,000 members and 20,000 customers, many of whom are […]
    2 September 2020
  4. Opportunity North East

    Opportunity North East (ONE) is the private sector’s response to the long-term economic challenges facing North East Scotland. ONE is industry-led, privately funded, region-specific and focuses on action to achieve business growth and safeguard or create employment, which gives it a unique ability to add value to economic development activity in North East Scotland. With […]
    1 September 2020