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Highland Food and Drink Club


The Highland Food & Drink Club was created through passion for the food and drink industry in the Highlands by John Murray


The club is a network of people through all levels of the industry, from producers to restaurants to the consumer. Offering knowledge and support through membership opportunities.


Based in the Highlands, for the Highland businesses and people!


The Highland Food & Drink Club sees the vibrant, growing industry in the Highlands, and it’s about time it was celebrated!

With a want to give the youth opportunities in the area, keep sector careers lively, celebrate Highland produce through events and give industry a space to connect – the Highland Food & Drink Club exists for everyone.


The club has the sector knowledge to assist those making a living in the food and drink business if they have any questions, seek advice and support, or even just need a quick catchup! The club exists to see Highland businesses succeed and will be with them every step of the way whether that’s helping with learning and development, 1-to-1 support, or driving customers into these businesses. You can find out more about membership opportunities on our website.